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Colloid Mill

The KM series of colloid mill can be classified into various kinds of specifications like the vertical type, the Horizontal type, the split type, the transmission type and the low speed type. It is mainly used to grind for various kinds of peanut butter, sesame paste, almond Butter, peanut milk, soy milk, cream and various kinds of soft drinks and fruit juice. The main spare parts are all made of stainless steel which is corrosion resistance and non-toxic. The users can chose different model according to different textures of materials, production efficiency, and different utilization, to achieve good result. It has the advantages of stable and durable, compact structure, easy operation, high production efficiency and easy to move etc.

Colloid Mill

Features of colloid mill:
1. Multifunctional and compact structure.
2. This Machine can grind many kinds of materials, like peanut, sesame, soy milk. The peanut can be made into peanut butter without pre-crushing directly.
3. The machine has characteristic of compact structure, smooth operation, small noise, corrosion resistant, easy to clean etc.
4. The machine has the features of high automatic degree, convenient maintenance, good reliability, airtight production and no pollution; produced peanut butter can reach export standard etc.

Application scope of colloid mill:
This machine is widely applied in the industrial productions of food (Peanut butter, sesame jam, almond nuts butter, soy milk, dairy products, soft drinks and etc.), medicine (syrups, nutrition liquid, poultice and etc.), daily chemical products (tooth paste, cosmetic, washing agent and etc.), chemical industry products (pigment, dye, dope, lubricant, petroleum activator ) .


Peanut Butter

Working Principle of colloid mill:
It is a different geometry of the rotor in high-speed rotation of the relative, motion, breaking through the shearing, grinding, and high-frequency vibration.
It has three areas, one area for coarse grinding, the other area for fine grinding ,and another one for the ultrafine grinding .Through adjusting the gap between the rotor, it can effectively achieve the required standard (the gap also can be re-processed).


We also have peanut processding butter line. The unit equipment has high mechanization level, high reliability,and it is fully sealed. So it can process highquality level of peanut butter and ordinary peanut butter. Moreover, it can also produce steady type and ordinary sesame butter.

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