Daily using method of peanut shelling machine
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The daily maintaining of peanut shelling machine

Peanut shelling machine require careful maintains to achieve the maximum production capacity. The detailed issues decided its service life during using. Next, we would like to tell you how to use peanut shelling machine correctly.

In the daily work, the small problems which look not very important many bring unexpected troubles. To spend 1-2 minutes on examining the machine before or after work maybe reduce a lot of trouble for you.
Peanut shelling machine
The main parts which require examining includes: Do examine the circuit is good or not before the operation of the peanut machine and the direction of motor is right or wrong. Do examine each screw and spares parts are stable or not. During work, watch out the rotation speed, sound, temperature of bearing is normal or not, especially for the high speed rotation parts, like: the up or down fans whether has varia; whether the fan has wearing or broken parts. If it is wearing or broken, it requires repairing right now. If the bearing base is found with hotness, the bearing should be checked up. If the bearing is damaged, a new bearing should be replaced instantly. In addition, before the peanut shelling machine leaving the factory, each bearing is full of lubricant oil. The users should add the lubricant oil periodically (general 2-3 months) to increase the service life of bearing.

The daily maintaining of peanut shelling machine is very important. Take care of your machine is a long way for business.

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