Peanut oil Press,Small Screw Oil Press for Sale
Peanut Oil Press, Peanut Oil Extraction Machine for Sale

Peanut Oil Press

Peanut oil press machine is a kind of screw oil press. Peanut oil press functions through mechanical pressure that oil can be squeezed out of oil crops in high pressure to achieve the purpose of oil pressing. Squeezed crude oil is edible after being filtered by the vacuum oil filter.

1.Small Peanut Oil Press

6YL-68 Oil Press6YL-80 Oil Press6YL-95 Oil Press6YL-100 Oil Press6YL-120 Oil Press6YL-130 Oil Press

Peanut oil press can be used widely with multi-purpose, in addition to pressing peanut, it is suitable for pressing all kinds of oil-bearing crops like sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybean, flax and so on .


Specifications of Oil Press Machine

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Net weight(kg) Size:(mm)
6YL-68 40 5.5 140 880*440*765
6YL-80 80-125 5.5 330 1320*540*1020
6YL-95 160-200 7.5 520 1910*610*765
6YL-100 160-200 7.5 480 1860*550*695
6YL-120 200-300 15 680 1970*700*780
6YL-130 375-500 18.5 820 2320*700*780

2.Integrated Peanut Oil Press

Oil press with vacuum filter is also known as automatic press machine or integrated oil press, which integrates the automatic temperature control and vacuum filter as a whole, aiming at suitable temperature regulation for different raw materials with convenient operation and simplified fried process. In addition to feeding, basically no other operations is needed, automatic temperature control, vacuum filtration and high oil yield.

6YL-80A Oil Press6YL-95A Oil Press6YL-130A Oil Press

Specifications of Oil Press Machine

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Net weight(kg) Size:(mm)
6YL-68A 80-150 5.5 630 1650×1150×1750
6YL-100A 150-250 7.5 870 1950×1300×1900
6YL-120A 200-300 11 1280 2200×1650×2100
6YL-160A 400-600 18.5 1600 2500×1600×2500

Features of Integrated Peanut Oil Press:
1). Can be used for both hot press and cold press.
2). High oil yield and good condition oil cake.
3). Unique groove design for more convenient oil outflow, further improves the oil yield from hardware. Using a variety of fine filtration system, which realizes an integration of squeeze and filter, improves the automation degree of the press and completely solve the problem of oil purification.
4). The wear parts such as the pressing rings, worms are made of the carbon steel which is under the process of heat pretreatment, making them very durable.
5). Safety and convenience. The whole process is controlled by electric cabinet, making it more safe and easy to operate.

3.Accessories of Peanut Oil Press

Accessories of Peanut Oil Press

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