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KMGT-11 Peanut/Almond Wet Peeling Machine

Wet type peanut peeling machine is to peel red skin peanut. Put the red peanut into hot water for several minutes. Adopt a high standard of pure soft plastic imitation hand wheel to move the peanuts red skin off easily.

Peanut peeling machine Peanut peeling machine

Technical Parameters:
Peeling Rate:96%
Broken Rate: 6%
Dimensions: 1100*760*1050mm
Production Capacity:200-220kg/h

Feature for wet peanut peeling machine
1. This peeling machine is used for Peas,soybean,horse bean,peanut,almond peeling machine.
2.This machine is made of stainless steel material where the parts can touch the raw material,
and the machine skin uses the iron.
3. It has high peeling rate.
4. It is the wet way to peel the skin of raw materials,which means the wet raw materials is good for the final effect.
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