Sunflower Seeds Roasting Machine,Peanut Roaster Machine
Sunflower Seeds Roasting Machine for Sale

KF-130 sunflower seeds/peanut roaster machine

The specification of roster machine
Suitable for roasting/drying different oil-materials, such as rapeseeds, peanut, soybean, sesame seeds, cottonseed, coconut, palm, rice bran,corn embryo, etc.

Peanut Roaster Machine

The parameters of roaster frying machine

Frying rate:≥98%

Features of roaster frying machine
The oil seeds roaster, characterized with the reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy to operation, maintained conveniently, high productivity. low oil residue rate and other characteristics, adapt for squeezing of each kind of oil seeds roaster. The oil seeds roaster has been establishing a good reputation in China and around the world.