Roaster Machine,Chestnut/Peanut/Almond Roaster Frying Machine
Roaster frying Machine for Sale

KF-25 roaster frying machine

The specification of roster frying machine
This roaster frying machine is a small drying equipment, can be fried chestnut, almond, peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower and other oil crops. When the machine works, it firstly put the medium (salt, sands) in it, after they got hot put the seeds in. After working, rollback the machine, the final seeds will come out, and the medium will stay in ready to another working cycle.

Peanut Roaster Frying Machine

The parameters of roaster frying machine

Frying rate:≥98%

Features of roaster frying machine
The feature of peanut roaster machine
1. This machine is very easy to control and operate. The situation of the nuts can be observed at any time.
2. Occupy small space, convenient to move different place.
3.This roasting machine is used for frying different food stuff, such as pellets, nuts, and chips etc.