Special roster for spiced peanuts
Peanut roaster machine & Special roster in China

Special roster for spiced peanuts

Spiced peanuts are popular snacks for all people, it can be dished with wine when you take a sip, or it can be taken as snacks when traveling. The processing technologies are much more complicated with many processes. It is more complicated at the time of hand-made, which is not healthy and has high strict demand for human.
Peanut Roaster Machine
In order to make the processing fast, safe, healthy with good flavor, smell and color, Henan Kingman M & E Complete Plant Co., Ltd (KMEC) developed the special roaster for spiced peanut –salt marsh roaster. This machine is special equipment for roasting spiced peanut. The new type of roaster can separate the salt and peanut kernel with high efficiency, healthy and safe. The roasted peanut has good color and flavor. The machinery is easy to operate, easy to mastering, reducing labor force for the food processing factory.

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