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Peanut Roaster Machine for Sale

KL-05 peanut roaster machine

The specification of peanut roster machine
Drum-type KL series peanut roaster machine its advantage is roller rotary baking and rotation of the material with roller, electric heating tube in the center of the drum, the drum of the outer wall thermal insulation layer, will quickly reach the baking temperature heating the air inside the drum, roller rotation will form a cavity, to prevent direct contact with the material to the heater will not be baked, energy-saving insulation , luxury and hygiene, convenient , saving time and labor , performance of production and other advantages , is currently the best state-of-the-art Roasting equipment

Peanut Roaster MachineThe parameters of peanut roaster machine
Transmission Power:0.75kw

Features of roasting machine
The feature of peanut roaster machine
1. Elegant structure ,high technique :stainless steel material, arc structure, horizontal Roller structre easy to operate and move.
2. Energy saving: it can roast in totally closed environment, adopts preserving heat material layer which increase the efficiency of heat energy.
3.Laborsaving: the machine works automatically which doesn't need the workers to stir.
4.In fried induced process , roasted seeds and nuts in the drum stereo stir fry non stick
5.Easy to pan , you can pan sieve separation as soon as a forward reverse switch , without manual separation

Maintaining of roasting machine
1. Add machine oil to each oil mouth before work. Do examine whether the worm gear box is lack of oil every week.
2. Close the air button for stop the machine of every shaft. If the roaster machine is out of use for a long period of time, the materials in the pan should be cleared out completely and drop a little bit eatable oil at the feeding mouth for 3 minutes continuously. The pan should be remained with oil to ensure the pan without rust.
3. If the roaster machine is out of use for long period of time, the roaster should be idle running for 10-15 minutes before using. Remove the remained sundries and dry the oil in the drum for heating.
4. The roaster machine should be rotates for heating. Close the roaster and the machine still needs to operate for 5-8 minutes.